Hellín "A city in your path" (Spanish with subtitles)

Hellín. "Don't let them told you"

Not only History


"I'm in a hurry to tell you about a wonderful encounter, because it's a painted cave in which there are more than 300 figures, all over a surface 8 meters wide more or less. It's a hardened stone and the figures are about deers, horses, goats and men with arrows, feathers, spears, etcetera; on there are taking place a lot of men and women figures in perfect conservation state, there are no incrustations nor stalactites. I think this is the best one known to our recent days, even including the Altamira ones"

                                                                                                                                          Letter fragment sent in June 9th of 1914 to Henry Breuil by Federico de Motos, telling about the exceptional enclave of the cave paintings collection of Minateda(Spanish).


This paintings, declared Humanity Heritage by UNESCO, are hiding pieces of history even in the most recent chapters; to understand the milestone reached we wanted to leave here some links that you could find interesting.

The first one talks about Eduardo Ripoll Pelleró's publication about Henry Breuil's works; some of it without official revision but without them he says:

"[...]his statements are conforming a starting point, without them it couldn't be possible to develop investigations and theories which indeed, allow to refuse his hypothesis, while not impeding, nevertheless, to value the amazing work done by this man."

You can read more here (Spanish).


The cave paintings in Minateda's Abrigo Grande are known to be a great find inside Levantine Art's ambit, and they are dated between the mesolithic and neolithic transition period in which humanity as we know it started to conform. But not only that, in fact; in this very region, there are a lot of placements in which can be found tools based on silex and quartzite and others Neanderthalensis deposits.

Here(spanish) you got a detailed document about the recent findings situated in Cueva Blanca, made by Alberto Mingo and his team.


In conclusion; even today, one hundred and two years after that letter Federico de Motos sent to Henry Breuil; Minateda is still surprising us with new findings and histories that are still to be told